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Course Outline
  Gathering a group of teens together to discuss what's important to them is certainly worthwhile. Add to that a specific set of goals and that's the Empower! Seminar. Here's a partial list of the topics covered in Empower!  
Our Philosophy   More than 15 "life skill" topics are covered. These are subjects that are generally not "taught" in traditional schooling.  

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  • Coaching. Students discover what it means to be coached and what it takes to be a coach.

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  • Following Rules. We often don't like to have to follow rules, but they are a fact-of-life and are made important during the Empower! Seminar.
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  • Comfort Zones. Personal accomplishment is largely dictated by ones willingness to "take risk." Students will have plenty of opportunity to take risks during the Seminar.
  • Trust. This basic emotion is an underlying theme throughout the class.
  • Integrity. We feel that teenagers are capable, and should be required, to exhibit a high degree of personal character.
  • Commitment. To accomplish anything decisions must be made. The Seminar is a perfect venue to "try out" making decisions.
  • Action. After a commitment is made, then it's time for action. Students experience taking action during Empower!.
  • Responsibility. Teenagers are transitioning into adulthood and with majority comes responsibility. There are few greater themes during the Seminar than responsibility.
  • Relationships. None of us live in a vacuum. Being successful in life involves creating and maintaining relationships. Teens are able to take a look at the relationships they are in and decide for themselves whether they "work" or not.
  • Interdependence. Similar to relationships, our society depends on all of us "pitching in" to do our part. Teens often feel that there's no place for them in society. Empower! explores our society and our youth's place in it.
  • Honesty. Wouldn't it be nice if teenagers would be honest about their actions? The Seminar covers this topic extensively.
  • Self Discovery. We all have undiscovered talents and abilities. Teens are given an opportunity to find out what they really want to accomplish both in the short term (like finishing school) and over the long range (like what career is best suited for them).
  • Choices. Everyone has to choose. Sometimes these choices are "good," other times they aren't so "good." Students will experience both "good" and "bad" choices during the Seminar.
  • Independence. Experiencing how to live responsibly and independtly is also covered during the Seminar.
  • Goal Setting. To get anywhere often times small, incremental steps are required. Students will work on this important topic.
  • Decision Making. Throughout the Seminar students will be making decisions and experiencing the result of those decisions.

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