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  We're always looking for people with "the right stuff" to support our effort. If you have a strong desire to work with teens and their parents, are self-motivated and truly want to make a contribution to society we'd love to hear from you. Below is a partial list of the available opportunities. If any of these seem intreging, simply send us an email telling us a little bit about you and how you can make a difference in the lives of teenagers and their families. Even if these "jobs" don't sound appealing, but you have a desire to join us, still let us know about you.
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  • Professional educators and psychologists. We are looking for trained professionals to serve on a "board of advisors" to ensure that the course material is always relevant and of benefit.

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  • Recently graduated students. Also serving on the "board of advisors" these people will make sure the materials covered are communicated effectively to students.
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  • Attorneys. All organizations require sound legal advise, including this one.
  • Area Directors. These people work from the various communities where the seminars are held. Working with students and their parents, area directors handle enrollment and related functions.
  • Trainers. These are the facilitators for the classes. They are the people who conduct the seminars and must be "at ease" speaking before large groups of students. Because seminars happen each week in a variety of locations, willingness to travel is a prerequisite.

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