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Our Philosophy
  We call this seminar Empower! and it will be the most important "class" your teen attends. How can we make such a bold statement? The technology used has been proven highly effective for decades in adult education. Unlike similar courses for adults, The Empower! Seminar is specifically designed for the special issues and concerns of teens. Empower! is unique in its approach and of genuine benefit for your son or daughter.  
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Challenges seem overwhelming and endless, but there is an answer

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Interest List   For many of our teens the stresses they are faced with seem unmanageable; infinitely greater than those we experienced. The pressure to excel -- in academics, sports, extra curricular activities -- is great. Peer pressure does not end. Communication between you and your teen is often strained, (if it exists at all) right? This is where Empower! is of crucial benefit.  
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Teens gather at the seminar to discuss the areas of their lives they are concerned about and they find important. The environment we provide is fertile for honest, frank discussion. From those discussions and activities of the seminar teens discover what really matters to them. From Empower! they take the tools needed to be productive, balanced citizens. They "get" that there's a bigger world out there than a few friends and the latest compact disk.

The power behind Empower! is our approach to education. While the didactic method (lecture) may be effective in teaching English or mathematics, we are convinced that it is ineffective for instructing "life skills." Therefore we employ the experiential ("hands on") model throughout the seminar. Students are invited -- encouraged -- to participate. As a direct result of your teen's participation he or she will take home those skills necessary to succeed.

Broad themes that hit the mark

Empower! has identified a number of areas that are of universal concern to parents and has developed course material that addresses those issues. Communication skills lead the list. Language is a common thread that binds society. Those people who can communicate effectively, for the most part, are those who succeed. Empower! emphasizes the proper use of language and focuses on skills required to communicate effectively.

Responsibility is another major area emphasized during Empower!. Many teenagers refuse to accept their responsibility for their actions. It is our deeply held conviction that this trend has created a society populated by victims. Being a victim may make great television but is of no lasting benefit for anyone. Conversely, we are confident those people who accept responsibility for their actions are happier, healthier and more successful.

Teenagers often feel "ganged up on" and often are distrustful of others. Students will discuss what it means to give someone else their trust and what it takes to earn the trust of another. There are many other major topics that Empower! covers -- just about everything that is of concern to teens -- during the seminar.

"Out-of-control" teens are far from the only ones who benefit

Unquestionably Empower! is of value to teenagers that seem "out of control." However, if your teen seems like "an angel," Empower! is designed for him or her as well. Self motivation is a theme throughout the course. Teenagers will have an opportunity to take a good, hard look at whom they are right now. Not who they think they are, but how they are perceived by those around them. Armed with this knowledge, they are able to declare anew what they truly want from life. So from "problem" teens to average, everyday teens to future president's and captain's of industry Empower! achieves results.

Motivational seminars have made the difference for many adults and now there's an equivalent "technology" for our teenagers.

Absolute and unconditional commitment is the Empower! promise

The Empower! Seminar is led by a professional, highly motivated facilitator and assisted by a staff of graduates of this or other similar seminars. Your teen will have a competent instructor and will be challenged. He or she will not be bored. While there are a few (very few) lectures about specific topics, the vast majority of the time the facilitator introduces situations and invites the students to "work" on particular topics. One thing that remains constant throughout the course is the commitment of the speaker and staff.

Lasting benefits and extraordinary value

Parents are amazed at the difference one four-day seminar can have. Communication is improved. Ambition once rarely exhibited is common. Issues that once were impossible to deal with are easily tackled. The list goes on. This is possible because Empower! goes way beyond throwing some platitude up on the board and saying: "wouldn't this be nice?" Empower! allows your teenager to decide what he or she thinks is truly important and your teenager will actually "experience" whatever they say is important. It's kind of like riding a bicycle. Once you've ridden a bicycle you always know how to ride one. When an issue comes up in your teen's life a week, month, or year after the seminar, he or she will know how to deal with it. That's true because -- just like when you first learned how to ride a bike -- your teen has already dealt with the situation and knows how to handle it.

There's no better day than today to take action

Action is another important Empower! topic. All too often people have great ideas, do nothing about their idea only later to regret that indecision. We will explain -- and your teenager will experience -- the benefits of making a decision and taking action. Nothing has ever been accomplished though wishing or wanting or hoping. Only when someone declares what they want to happen -- and then take the appropriate action -- does that "want" become a reality. All you have to do is let us know you're interested and we'll let you know when a Empower! Seminar is schedulled in your area. It's that simple. It's that important.


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