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"Extraordinary Life"

August, 2001
  "I don't have time."

We say that so often. I'm as guilty as the next guy. Yet, we make time for things that are really a waste of time. It used to be television. Now it's the Internet. How much time do we spend doing things that really are pointless? It's "no big deal" we tell ourselves; the price we pay for all of this time wasting can be enormous.
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Interest List   I ask people all of the time what is the one thing they really want in their lives. "If you can have anything," I say, "what would it be." Peoples' dreams for themselves and for their families are sometimes awesome.  
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  Then I ask the same people what are they doing to reach their dreams and often all I receive in return is a blank stare. It's way too easy to fall into a routine. We get up at the same time each morning. Work at the same job we've been at for years. Take the same vacation year after year. All the while complaining that we're dissatisfied with our lives.

Sometimes it's important to stop and evaluate where you are and compare that with where you want to be. Creating a "road map for life" is - quite possibly - the most important thing you can do. It's something that can be done in place of some of those other things that often just waste your time. The number one mistake we make about a "life plan" is we set goals that are too lofty without a clear vision of what it takes to accomplish our goal. Then things don't go exactly as planned, we get discouraged and give up. Our self-esteem always suffers because we tell ourselves that we are "unworthy" of whatever goal we have set out to accomplish. For most of us the only thing we're really guilty of is not knowing how to set up goals that can be obtained.

Empower! the personal development and motivational seminar designed for teens deals with this very issue. We work in detail about how to set obtainable goals. Many times a goal in life requires several "checkpoint" goals along the way. A teenager may aspire to be a doctor and set that as a goal. It's unreasonable to expect that a teenager can reach that goal in a short amount of time and with little effort. But a teenager can begin the process and decide a "win" is getting good grades this semester. Reaching that goal (good grades) will lead to the next goal, say enrolling in the proper classes for the next semester.

We know that teenagers aren't the only people who can benefit from this. Adults can use this as well. I am seriously thinking about holding similar seminars for adults. If you are interested, let me know. Your comments are always welcome. My email address is: mike@teenlife.scriptmania.com.

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